About Us

Wig It Again is a sheitel consignment boutique created by women for women. We know the stress that sheitels can cause and we came up with a solution! Customers are able to sell sheitels they aren’t wearing or buy high quality sheitels for greatly discounted prices. “Every woman has dealt with the disappointment of investing in a sheitel that didn’t end up working out. The cut or color could be unflattering, the cap could be uncomfortable, or the sheitel just isn’t right. Then you’re stuck with a perfectly good wig you’ll never wear.” Wig it Again has the solution! An online wig consignment boutique. We make the match between women who want to sell their sheitels and women who want to buy them. Simply post your wig on line and let someone else enjoy it. With the money earned, you can buy yourself a more suitable wig.
We only consign nearly new or lightly worn European and human hair pieces. Consigners are able to sell the sheitels they are not wearing and put what they earn toward buying another piece. Today, purchasing a new European hair wig can cost between $2,000 and $4,500-a financial stretch for many women already juggling household expenses and tuition bills. The consignment process allows women to purchase very high quality wigs for a fraction of their retail prices. ​
Once  sold, wigitagain, takes 15% of the final sale price.